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Global Healing is designed primarily as an easy to run parish/group event although individuals will benefit too.

The event should ideally begin with an 'international shared supper' hosted by the different cultures in the parish (it would be a very positive statement if the ingredients were as ecologically friendly as possible). 

Cafe-style tables with cloths, flower and a glass of wine would make a welcoming environment. 

After the supper (or lunch) there are three short film clips (between 12-15 minutes each). 

Following the first two clips are on-screen questions for table discussion and the third clip could finish with a prayer from Laudato Si Pope Francis.

There are optional additional events - Event 2 - Screening of the Film 'Before the flood' and Event 3 - Practical Responses


CTS have produced a practical free flyer to be downloaded, printed and folded to be given to each guest.

CAFOD have produced a free leaflet which could also be placed on each table.

The excellent CTS booklet entitled Catholics & Our Common Home by Sr Margaret Atkins (one of the Global Healing filmed experts) is the perfect take home resource for further reading and can be ordered on a sale-or-return basis.

Also CTS will supply you with copies of Laudato Si to sell sale or return.


Promotion is key! There are eye-catching promotional fliers & posters designed for you to get printed with your own event details - plus newsletter info and a trailer available for free download which could be shown at Mass. 

Presenter John Bosco explores The Eden Project
A wind farm providing sustainable energy
Catherine Cutler from The Eden Project


There are many opportunities for further reflection practical response that should be highlighted at the event.
A typical evening Global Healing event could look like:

  • 7:30 shared supper   
  • 8:20 show section 1 with group discussion
  • 8:45 section 2 with discussion
  • 9:15 final section including Laudato Si prayer
  • 9:30 depart


The film clips give an overview of Pope Francis' Laudato Si encyclical focussing especially on chapter 6.

Section 1: Our Common Home
Section 2: A Deeper Conversion
Section 3: A New Spirit

Dr Carmody Grey
Presenter John Bosco
Global Healing, Environment, Save the Planet, Pope, Pope Francis, Care for our Common Home, Bishop John Arnold, Eden, FaithCafe, CaFE

Experts include Cardinal Vincent Nichols, Sr Margaret Atkins, Fr Sean McDonagh, Dr Carmody Grey, Fr Augusto Zampini Davies, David Payne, Br Loarne Fergusen and Bishop John Arnold.
Filmed on location at the Eden Project, Hilfield Friary and a Cambridgeshire wind farm.
Presented by John Bosco of Rise Theatre.


Many parishes and groups will wish to extent the Global Healing experience into a short course. We highly recommend that the next step could be for people to watch the very inspiring documentary called Before The Flood featuring the actor Leonardo Di Caprio.


Then a further session is available as free download with three sections plus group questions to help facilitate further practical responses in the parish, groups, families and as individuals. This session does not necessarily require a shared meal.